The White Coat

This fall we had a new tradition that began at the University of Mary for the class of 2018 called a white coat ceremony. At the University of Mary it represents physical therapy students transition from classroom focused studies to more clinically driven studies where we begin working with patients. Physical Therapy schools around the nation have a variety of thoughts on when is the best opportunity to receive their white coats. I believe the ceremony came at a perfect time in the form of both a checkpoint for making it through the first year of PT school as well as a commitment to us as aspiring physical therapists. While I may not wear my white coat in my future practice as a physical therapist, it will always serve as a challenge and a commitment of the standard of service that I have chosen to uphold for my patients.

One of my classmates had the opportunity to speak at our ceremony and describes it well in saying, “You see, as University of Mary physical therapy students we are committed to something bigger than ourselves. We are committed to the vision that our future colleagues currently uphold, to transform society by optimizing movement, ultimately improving the human experience.” I believe that this vision is vital to not only the vision and direction of physical therapists, but to everyone as a whole. When we earnestly serve something greater than ourselves we have no reason to become complacent, prideful, or arrogant. As Paul states in Acts Chapter 20 verse 4, “However, I consider my life worth nothing to me, if only I may finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me – the task of testifying to the Gospel of God’s grace.” Paul has essentially removed himself from the equation and focused on serving a greater purpose than himself. Through these words I have learned and know what my purpose is, have you? Allow me to encourage you to reflect on what you are serving in your life and ask yourself what you are striving for?

Thank you for your attention.


3 thoughts on “The White Coat

  1. I am so lucky that you commented on my post so I could find your blog. I am moving to North Dakota soon and hoping to go to PT school at one of the 3 schools there. It is crazy that the first PT student to find my blog is from North Dakota of all places! lol looking forward to reading here :))


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