New Years Resolutions: Let’s talk about online fitness training

So it’s a new year and everybody is rolling out their new year’s resolutions right on cue. Instagram and Facebook are covered with ambitious posts and plans of how this year is going to be different.

I did some research to find out common patterns in the resolutions of 2015 to try to see what areas American people want to improve in, and found the stats below.

According to, 85% of 2015 new years resolutions can be divided into 2 categories:

  1. Self-Improvement
  2. Fitness goals

Among these categories, the #1 most common resolution was weight loss

Only 8% of New Year’s resolutions are successfully completed

Why are we not able to complete our fitness new years resolutions? Are our goals not achievable? Are we just to busy to make extra time? Can we just not make the sacrifices to make our resolutions a reality?

So what should be done? I put together 3 options and their pro’s and con’s to describe why there is an emerging method that will make your fitness goals achievable.

Fitness Resolution Options

Option 1: Suck it up, go to the gym, and rely on yourself to make a change

  • Pros:
    • Discipline: Can teach you how to develop the self-discipline to reach your goals
  • Cons:
    • Longevity: How long will you remain disciplined?
    • Scheduling: What happens when your schedule gets busy? Will your fitness plan be the first thing to go?
    • Accountability: Need a workout partner who is motivated and has a similar schedule
    • Education: Lack of experience with program design could limit results

Option 2: Sign up with a Personal Trainer

  • Pros:
    •  Accountability
    • Face to Face contact
    • Some trainers love what they do and are great motivators
  • Cons:
    • The cost: Costs of personal trainers can range from $25-75 per session meaning up to $350 per month of training
    • Schedule: You have to make it work with somebody else’s work schedule which can be inconvenient and lead to decreasing attendance
    • Facility: Depending on the facility, Personal Trainers are only given a percent of what you pay, the rest is given to the facility
    • Long Term Commitment: Often times the most cost-effective way to have a personal trainer is to sign up for extended packages instead of paying for the progress that you are getting
    • Education: Some personal trainers have solid experience, however, a typical certification can consist of a weekend course with a licensing test

Option 3: Online Fitness Training

  • Pros:
    • Accountability: Stay you motivated and on track through open communication and progress charting.
    • Program Design: A specific program is designed for you to achieve your goals.
    • Scheduling: You can complete your workouts whenever you want, wherever you want, without having to work around someone else’s schedule.
    • Cost: a fraction of the cost compared to personal training
    • Education: with the Rehab In Motion program you would get the expertise that comes with a degree in Exercise Science and a Doctor of Physical Therapy student
    • Independence: with video instruction for safe, correct exercise you will become equipped to take control of your fitness habits to achieve your goals
    • Facility: you can complete your workouts at your favorite facility, at home, or work, without paying extra for the trainer that is employed by a workout facility
    • Portability: Use your phone, tablet, or laptop during your workout to stay on track
  • Cons
    • Technology: If you are not comfortable with technology, online training might not be for you
    • Change: Online training is an up an coming method that will give many more people access to a healthy lifestyle, however it requires a change from the traditional training style.

Okay, I get it. How can I get more information about an Online Training Program?

  1. Go to the Rehab in Motion Website
  2. Check out the Online Wellness Program Tab to find a program that fits your goals
  3. Fill out the Wellness Consultation Form on the left side/bottom of the screen
  4. Use Coupon Code: 20$OFFCODE to receive $20 off your first month of training
  5. You will receive an email with information that will get you started on your fitness journey
  6. Take charge of your health!

Thank you for your attention,

Stay Active

Products to help you with your New Year’s Resolution

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