Month in Motion – July

Kettlebell Raise to Improve Posture

What’s the significance?
If you find yourself looking for an exercise to improve your extension at the spine or to improve your posture you could benefit from this exercise!

Who says so?
A study by (Edmonston et al., 2012) demonstrated a relationship between bilateral shoulder flexion and extension in the thoracic spine. Specifically, more thoracic extension in the lower segments of the T-Spine compared to the upper T-Spine.


Kneeling Palloff Press

This exercise is an example of an Anti-rotation exercise.

What is that?? Anti-rotation exercises are designed to build strength while working within a specific range of motion.

This variation of the Palloff Press encourages your hips, core and shoulders to work together to perform the exercise. This synergy of muscle cooperation will help with transition to bigger lifts better than a typical core exercise like a crunch.

Do this exercise in a spot where nobody can see your weight stack, because you will be eating a side order of embarrassment.

Bird Dog Row

We know that the bird dog is great for core strengthening, but do you have trouble progressing it?

Try this Bird Dog Row combination to bring in the Latissimus Dorsi by rowing a kettle bell while performing the traditional lower extremity movement simultaneously with the row.

This will require impressive core strength to balance on opposite upper and lower extremity requiring your core to fire throughout the movement.

How to Progress even more?
First, lift your toe off of the surface that you are balancing on. If you haven’t fallen over yet decrease the space between your arm and knee to decrease your base of support during the movement!

Towel Pull-Up

This is a progression of a wide grip pull up that is focused on incorporating grip strength into your pull up.

I often find that it is easy to forget about grip strength even though it is so commonly needed throughout the day.

Try this one to build upper body strength from your back all the way to your hands and to kill your first impression at your next job interview with a crippling handshake.

To perform:
– Grab the towels with your palms facing away from you
– Try to hang as low as possible before starting your pull
– Let the large muscles do the most work! (engage the Lats by pulling your shoulder blades down to your hips)
– After you reach the top, slowly control the decent to maximize muscle recruitment for the eccentric effects of this movement.


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