What gap are we bridging as the Fitness Physical Therapist?

Merry Christmas!! Quick Post on a fun and controversial topic. Check out this link to my video from this morning to see some application.

Ever since I’ve been in physical therapy I have felt that I wanted to help people move beyond the level of injury-free and guide them along their journey so they can reach their full potential.  What I thought would be difficult about this process was the “gap” between the clinical and the non-clinical, the treatment and the training, or whatever wonderful synonyms you would like to use.

After previously self-identifying myself as a future PT who seeks to bridge this gap I got thinking that there is not as much of a gap as we may think. As a future physical therapist I have a firm understanding of what we are able to offer to our patients that other professionals are not, but I am referring to the bridge portion itself.

Are we actually bridging the gap?

As I have continued to learn about the field of physical therapy and what we are able to offer as a Go-To healthcare professional for all things Neruo-Musculoskeletal related, I realized that the bridge has already been built. All we have to do is walk across it.

How do we cross this bride?

By doing. By learning. By being content with putting ourselves out their and learning from those who have more experience than us. By gaining training experience. Yes we go through a rigorous and long curriculum that is filled with SO much that will benefit us in the clinical and wellness realms to become Doctors of Physical Therapy, but does that mean that we come out of school being a movement expert in every arena of the fitness landscape? Possibly, but I would argue probably not. However, with application the title of movement expert is attainable.

All this being said, I am looking forward to the process of continuing to learn to develop as the physical therapist that can combine movement knowledge with training experience through purposeful action.

For more on this topic tune into a podcast featuring Mitch Babcock discusses this and has some valuable insight on how we can get to where we want to be.

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Have a Merry Christmas.


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