Will you have the Myopic Mindset in 2018?

As we near 2018 I have decided to post about a project that I have been working on in preparation for the New Year. Catch my Facebook live later tonight on this topic.

As I just recently finish up my 3rd clinical rotation in the orthopedic setting, I have slowly been learning a lesson over the course of the last year through a combination of my coursework, clinicals, personal development, and surrounding myself with people that push me to be more. It has become a valuable lesson that I think anyone can benefit from.

The problem: The Short-Term Mindset that has infused itself into society. I call it the Myopic Mindset.



Those of you who have myopia (nearsightedness requiring prescription glasses) may understand, but let me elaborate.

The Myopic Mindset means the idea of having a short term approach or having a difficult time viewing situations with the long term results in mind. Typically this results in searching for the “quick fix”, the “get rich quick” scheme, or the “easiest way out”. This is of course a contrast to having a Long-Term mindset in how you approach life. I also believe that this concept permeates into multiple domains of how we live.

In the physical therapy and fitness worlds this is what often times separates those who can return to healthy lives and enjoy it from those who cannot.

You know that person that you see at the gym, or out for a run that seems to have it figured out? That seems to enjoy pushing themselves because of the feeling of accomplishment it gives them as well as well as the benefits it has like letting them stay healthy for their family, or live up to what they believe they are capable of? Those people have command of the long-term game.

This also comes into play once health habits have been adopted due to their ability to reduce the risk of preventable diseases like type 2 diabetes, stroke, respiratory diseases, and cardiovascular diseases.

It’s the Long-Term Lesson.

What I have seen, learned, and quite honestly enjoyed realizing is how important it is to enjoy and be uplifted by the journey just as much as the result of the process.

Now in order to have a process, you have to have something that you are working towards. A Goal. A Why. And when your Why is strong enough, the process is filled with purpose, and when the process becomes a habit, it becomes enjoyable.

So how can we create healthy habits that stick?

Take Action! By surrounding yourself with community that will push you to succeed. As well as conditioning yourself to build healthy habits and resist those bad habits that steer you off of your course. Sometimes it helps to create a scenario where you can leverage you own tendencies against yourself by creating some sort of buy in to give yourself permission to commit to something that you desire.

Here are some Free resources to help you succeed in 2018:

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The Daily Motion (3)

Get Access Right Now to a Free Facebook Community (above) to help convert goals into habits and surround yourself with a winning community.



One thought on “Will you have the Myopic Mindset in 2018?

  1. HI! Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my post on 5 habits that work for weight loss and also for following me. I know there is a ton of useful info on my blog which I have been producing for over eight years. I envy your starting out in the world of good health. I didn’t discover it until after I was retired. I spent more than 30 years writing about the financial markets. Best of luck with your career and blog!

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