The Mission

Rehab In Motion was inspired by the known evidence that healthy, correct exercise can be designed to actively improve your ability to perform the hobbies, sports, occupations, and activities that define who you are. Whether you are hoping to improve your baseball pitch velocity, trying to keep up with your grand kids, or hoping to last 9 holes on the golf course, YOUR specific goals can be addressed and reached.

Rehab In Motion also serves as a health and wellness platform to provide free content to help you on your fitness journey.

Why Rehab in Motion as opposed to other fitness options?

Rehab in Motion allows you to get unmatched communication with a Doctor of Physical Therapy Student at an affordable rate compared to other training programs. It gives you the flexibility to train on your schedule in the setting that you want. This allows you to achieve optimal results while maintaining confidence in your training program on your road to achieving your fitness/activity goals.