Month in Motion – August

August brought you answers to these questions!

  1. How to Squat Pain Free
  2. How to Train Legs at a High Intensity While Traveling
  3. How to Target the posterior deltoid and shoulder external rotators
  4. How to strengthen the back without loading the spine

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How to Squat Pain Free
  • A squat is not an exercise that needs to have a barbell load through the spine.
    The movement should be the focus with the ability to perform without discomfort or pain as the priority.
  • This exercise can provide a suitable option for those looking to try a different method to achieve a deeper squat while maintaining a neutral spine.
  • The landmine squat also will automatically “push” you back into correct squatting form to allow you to drive the movement through to use the gluteus maximus.
  • Tip: use a plyometric box of 12-18 inches as pictured in the video to allow a safer start and ending position.

How to Train Legs at a High Intensity While Traveling
  • Try the Pistol Squat to build up single leg Glute & Quad strength when you want a high resistance lift but don’t have access to a squat rack and want something more than lunges.
  • I also use this exercise as a self audit. If I am able to complete 5-10 repetitions it tells me that I can incorporate plyometrics into my training. If I am unable to, I tend to focus on building a stronger foundation before focusing on plyometrics

How to Target the Posterior Deltoid and Shoulder External Rotators
  • Looking to strengthen the posterior deltoid and shoulder external rotators? Take a break from the dumbbells and try this bad boy out.
  • Why?
    In the starting position of hip & trunk flexion with shoulder flexion the use of the Landmine allows the line of force (gravity) to be directly in line with the deltoid and Rhomboid muscles. This will allow them to generate the majority of force in the movement.
  • Why else?
    Due to the fact that this is a one sided movement, it forces the core to engage to prevent excessive rotating in the lower body (you can see me fighting against this in the video).
  • Progression?
    Landmine exercises are naturally very easy to progress by just throwing 5-10 pounds on the bar. Make sure to start slow with this one as it is not as easy as it looks!

How to Strengthen the Back Without Loading the Spine
  • The Inverted Row has been known as an exercise that targets the upper back musculature to use in contrast with a typical bent over row exercise.
  • The Evidence Says:
    The pronated grip (as seen in video) was shown to have a higher activation in the middle trapezius and lattisimus dorsi compared to the supinated row (Palms up), which had a higher activation in the biceps brachii.
  • Rehab Implications:
    This variation can be valuable when there is a demonstrated need to strengthen the back while maintaining reduced spinal loading or compression as seen in individuals who are experiencing back discomfort. Strengthening of these muscular groups can help improve spinal and shoulder movement.
  • If you are experiencing pain, consult your local Physical Therapist to get you moving again.
  • Evidence: “Effects of hand-grip during the inverted row with and without a suspension device: An electromyographical investigation”
  • Link:




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