The First Post

Welcome to Rehab in Motion!

At this point in time I am starting my 2nd year in the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program at the University of Mary. One of my goals aside from academics this school year is posting blog updates to Rehab in Motion to provide a look into the life of a DPT student.  The goal of Rehab in Motion is to serve as a platform that will improve people’s performance in the activities that define who they are. This includes wellness training for people who finish physical therapy that could see continued benefits despite finishing PT.  This website is also geared towards those interested in health and wellness who are looking to live a healthy lifestyle, as well as prevent a future injury that could result from a variety of factors (work, sports, hobbies, medical conditions).

Other than these patient populations, Rehab in Motion will provide FREE clinical fitness information including: quick fixes for common aches and pains, videos of exercise technique demonstrations, nutrition tips, , inspirational posts, and community involvement.

*Rehab in Motion will publicly accessible Christmas of 2016.*

The fitness programming that is offered on this website will help to serve my future patients as well as those who are passionate about improving their health and fitness. Ultimately the desired outcome is that Rehab in Motion will help people achieve their goals by being able to participate in the activities that define who they are.

Stay active.


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